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Surprise, surprise, mainstream media has launched an incredibly dangerous and irresponsible campaign to depict Mikati’s resignation in sectarian terms. A case in point is this  report from Sky News:
" He stepped down on Friday in part as a protest over Hezbollah’s refusal to extend the tenure of the country’s police chief, Maj Gen Ashraf Rifi…Mr Rifi, like Mr Mikati, is a Sunni Muslim who is considered a foe by Hezbollah.”
As the sentence above insinuates, Hizbullah has a real problem with all things Sunni: Mikati resigned because he is a Sunni; Hizbullah refuses to extend Rifi’s term because he is a Sunni; Hizbullah considers Rifi a foe because he is Sunni. 
What no western or Arab media will tell you is that the real reason Mikati resigned was not the Rifi extension but ongoing outside pressures from the US, Saudi etc. in order to destabilize Lebanon. Nor will they tell you that Rifi is a “foe” because he heads the Internal Security Forces, which is essentially under Hariri’s control. Nor will they admit that Hariri himself is considered a POLITICAL rival by Hizbullah rather than a sectarian one, just as much a rival for Hizbullah as Hariri’s Shi’a aide, Oqab Saqr. 
What makes this shitty report particularly absurd is the fact that i also lets it slip that “Hezbollah frequently accusing him [Mikati] of loyalty to the pro-Western opposition.” Now THAT is the real fault line—foreign allegiances and political agendas— rather than sectarian identities. 


Some highlights I translated from Seyyid Hassan Nasrallah’s speech today on the occasion of the annual commemoration for the Resistance’s leaders:

Whoever thinks that because Syria is embroiled in a bloody struggle and therefore it cannot be part of any confrontation that might occur with the Israeli enemy, Syria that was a support during the July War is now preoccupied with its internal struggle and therefore can’t support the resistance…..so this is an opportune moment that can be exploited to isolate the resistance. Some might miscalculate and believe that the resistance is weak and that this is the right time to commit a violation or an aggression or to launch a war, I tell him on the commemoration of Seyyid Abbas and Sheikh Raghib and Hajj Imad, you are greatly mistaken. Today, the resistance in Lebanon is fully equipped, we have everything we need inside of Lebanon, we don’t need to transfer anything either from Syria or from Iran.  Everything we need for the next battle is already inside Lebanon…

In all calmness I warn the Israeli that the resistance in Lebanon will not tolerate any violations on Lebanese territory…They [the Israelis] have an electrical plant in northern Palestine, with just a few missiles we could plunge Israel into darkness. The Israeli themselves have admitted it would take 6 months to make this plant operational again…

[I swear] on Seyyid Abbas’s and Skehikh Raghib’s and Hajj Imad’s pure blood, that the sons and students and comrades of Seyyid Abbas and Sehikh Ragheb and Hajj Imad have greater resolve and determination today  to confront any aggression and to keep the pledge and to keep the score [that must be settled] open [here Nasrallah is alluding to the “open war” concept he used in February 2008 after Mughineh’s assassination].

I tell the MP Saad al-Hariri, we sat with your father, the martyr, in the past and we discussed the resistance and its weapons and we told him that our priority is the resistance and all other matters were open to debate and political power wasn’t our priority. And he told me I support the resistance’s weapons not only until  the prisoners are released and the Shebaa farms are liberated but until a comprehensive and just peace agreement is reached. I told him that is what we call a settlement not a comprehensive and just peace because for us that means the return of every inch of Palestine to the Palestinians… And he told me: if there is a comprehensive and just peace while I am still Prime Minister, and I come to you and tell you that the Arabs and Syria and Lebanon and Palestine have signed a peace agreement and there is no longer any need for the resistance, come and let us settle the weapons issue or you can hand them over or sell them, and you tell me no, then I will resign and leave Lebanon because I am not willing to fight the resistance. This was your father….

If there is a party which makes political concessions and relinquishes power, and remains quiet about daily insults for the sake of the resistance which protects the country, is that a shortcoming? If the purpose of our weapons was to preserve power then how can one accept the contradiction Saad Hariri makes when he says that we are making political concessions to protect our weapons?