I didn’t entertain the false flag theory until I read this¬†Independent¬†piece. Here are the main threads of the story which raise HUGE question marks:
1) although the US State Dept had 48 hrs advance warning of the attacks, no effort was made to go into high alert or “lockdown” mode.

2) the attacks on the consulate and safe house in Libya were facilitated by a “serious and continuing” security breach on two levels: the ambassador was out of town for a while and his visit to Benghazi was confidential; also, the security perimeter around the consulate was breached very easily because the guards manning their posts were too enraged at the anti-Islam movie to defend the staff.

3) the attacks were most likely planned in advance by al-Qaeda and not a result of the movie, due to the use of RPGs.

4) despite the fact that al-Qaeda was likely to seek revenge for the drone strike on al-Qaeda’s Libyan operative, Abu Yahya al-Libi, and even more likely to do so on the Sept 11 anniversary, no extra security precautions were taken.

Other media have been reporting that the incredibly stupid movie was merely exploited by the attackers. So this also begs the question about the timing of its release and its translation and dissemination in Arabic just days before the attacks. As the NYT noted here, we don’t even know if the film exists beyond Youtube’s short clips. Nobody has reportedly viewed it in full.