Much has been written about what a misnomer it is to call the Syrian uprising-cum-proxy war a “revolution”. However, many [pseudo] leftists in the opposition camp insist that our labeling of their movement as counter-revolutionary is simply an emotionally-informed opinion and not a scientific analysis. I challenge any leftist supporter of the opposition to deconstruct the concept of revolution using a Marxist definition and a scientific socialist methodology as I did for my class today in this simplistic manner and see if they can reach any other conclusion:

-Revolutions entail change from one social system or economic mode of production to another, which is accompanied by political change. Revolutions cannot, by [Marxist] definition just be political, which is little more than regime change.  

-Capitalism is the dominant economic system in the world today; Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. The US is the leading capitalist, imperialist power in the world today.

-Any movement that resists or seeks to overthrow this global status quo is ipso fact revolutionary.

-Any movement that is not merely supported, but sponsored, financed and controlled by the hegemonic capitalist, imperialist power, ipso facto becomes a movement that serves the world order and hence the status quo.  

-When such capitalist-imperialist-sponsored movements actively seek to overthrow governments that defy the US, and have hence revolted against the world order, these movements effectively become counter-revolutionary and regressive forces which serve imperialism. And this is without factoring in even more reactionary Salafi-Takfiri and Wahhabi forces who are anathema to socialism.

Addendum to my class lecture: let’s add to that the Syrian National Coalition’s recent threats to boycott international meetings, in an attempt to blackmail the US and western powers into “taking action” on Syria— i.e. to increase the scope of western military intervention. The Syrian opposition emerges as a movement which is not merely counter-revolutionary as per the above definition, but an unabashed proxy force eager to be promoted to a satellite state which it aspires to build on the ruins of the Syrian state that it hopes its capitalist-imperialist masters will destroy on its behalf.

No leftist can support such a movement without defying the most basic Marxist premises and/or indulging in self-delusion.

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