The Adam Lanza massacre illustrates the crude racism that informs the portrayal of white violence as the product of  individual idiosyncrasy, in contrast to non-white violence (both inside and outside the US) which is represented as being culturally or racially determined and which is therefore attributed group traits rather than to structural injustices at home and imperialist policies abroad.  But more importantly, by psycho-pathologizing white violence away or blaming it on “gun control” laws, the common culprit and underlying cause of white and non-white individual violence at home, and group violence abroad, is conveniently hidden from public view. And that culprit is global capitalism.

Inside America, capitalism manifests itself as a totalitarian liberal state which establishes near total control of its subjects by hegemonizing their lifestyle preferences and choices, their identity, psychology, emotions, consciousness and understanding of reality. The purpose of this control is to instill submission by consent, mainly by means of “’civil society” instruments like the educational system, the Academy and the corporate media.  Threats to the system which emanate from those who display signs of nonconformity, emotional instability, depression and other psychological expressions of dissatisfaction with the system or simply an inability to appreciate the supposed benefits of living in a state of rabid consumerism,  are medicated into submission. Not only does this serve to intellectually, spiritually and emotionally numb and dumb down, and hence disempower, tens of millions of Americans annually, but it creates an all- powerful Big Pharma- state-psychiatric industry nexus. It is this state-sponsored profit making scheme which is ultimately responsible for the extremely common “side effects” of SSRIs and psychiatric medication, including aggression, suicidal ideation and suicide, which are most acute among children and young people. It is no coincidence that the overwhelming majority, if not all, school shootings in the US and Europe have been committed by people who are under the influence of mind-alerting psychiatric drugs, particularly anti-depressants/ SSRIs. Adam Lanza , like many before him, has been described by media as suffering from mental illness as an adult and autism as a child, and was therefore highly likely to have been prescribed with aggression-suicide inducing psychiatric drugs for several years at least.

If Americans fail to see the ultimate cause of much of the homicide and suicide which afflicts the US, it should come as no surprise if this same hegemonic system has desensitized them to the war crimes their government has been committing in their name for decades. The glaring hypocrisy of shedding tears over dead white children while dismissing the deaths of Palestinian or Afghani or Iraqi or Pakistani or Libyan children killed with US weapons, as one of the more distasteful consequences or “collateral damage” that results from fighting “humanitarian” or “defensive” wars, or “wars against terror”, will surely be lost on people whose minds are so deeply hegemonized.

The bottom line is that the  government and Big Pharma are ultimately responsible for such violence, just as this government and arms manufacturers are responsible for the killing of hundreds of thousands of people in the Arab and Muslim world and beyond. Global capitalism/ imperialism kills. It kills people at home and it kills people outside the Empire. And it kills them in colossal numbers in the name of profits.

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