Yes we did it!  The story about the IDF spokesman/social media chief’s Israeli Ashkenazic racism first reported here and here has gone mainstream. ABC News picked up the story here, swiftly followed by Mother Jones here and the Daily Mail here and the Huff Po here , even though most have mis-attributed the story to western-based media.  

 So this is what the Zionists call social media war? An IDF spokesman who is so moronic as to keep a rabidly racist photo like brown-face on his FB profile on PUBLIC settings, so that a half-asleep Zionist-hater like myself could discover it on Friday morning within seconds of flicking through his pics? He made it too easy. 

Sad to see that Americans on Twitter and elsewhere will only understand Zionist racism when viewed through their own cultural lens and lose sight of it when it is practiced in institutionalized form and in a most brutal fashion against Palestinians. But at least this is a start….