I am a Lebanese academic who doesn’t belong to the Academy.

 Although I will be contributing regularly to Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar English online newspaper, the views in my blog are entirely my own and do not reflect al-Akhbar’s editorial policy. 

My Politics: Muqawama (military resistance), Mumana’a (anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist political resistance), Socialism, Greater Syria nationalism 

Religious beliefs:

Resistance isn’t merely my political position, it is my religion. Resistance is sacred for me—and by resistance I don’t mean the very flawed political participation of Hizbullah or Hamas or any other group in state institutions—I mean the armed resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. Palestine—and not just Jerusalem— is my Qibleh. It will forever be my priority, the most just of all just causes, the greatest injustice, if I must rank order them. According to my belief system, desecrating this cause consists in either associating oneself with Zionism or accusing the symbols of this resistance of such an association. Just as I respect everyone’s religion, I expect them to respect mine, even if they reject it. You may write any comments you want on my page so long as you respect my religion.